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Warrior Music Foundation
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Our mission is to serve our active duty military, veterans and their families by providing a venue for learning, healing and camaraderie using music. Our goal is to improve mental health in the military community one person at a time. We also proudly offer our services to law enforcement and first responders who serve our communities and need our support.


We offer free music therapy and music lessons in Maryland (Towson, Millersville and Catonsville) and Pennsylvania (Monroeville and New Castle).  

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What We Do

Healing through Music and Camaraderie

Warrior Music Foundation is dedicated to helping limit the impact of PTSD and reduce the number of suicides across the active duty, reserve, veteran and law enforcement population by maximizing the healing power of music in a facilitated environment.  We are equally focused on aiding military family members who are also dealing with the results of PTSD, deployments and life disruptions.  We have assembled a team committed to serving our nation’s sons and daughters by offering an approach that is centered around music lessons in both individual and group settings.  Veterans, military members and their families can enroll in lessons that are tailored to their skill level – from beginner to virtuoso.  The entire program will be facilitated by an on-staff music therapist who will ensure the instructors and students are both aligned to maximize the output of the lessons.  Our therapists are a resource for the military members, veterans and their families to use as much or little as they desire. All of our services are also available to law enforcement and first responders.

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