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Press On

Warrior Music Foundation partnered with Annapolis artist Aaron Yealdhall (aka Skribe) to launch the "Press On" Program.  Inspired by Aaron's "Press On Annapolis" art work, we helped form a small team of volunteers to print the art on t-shirts provided by local vendors, sell the t-shirts via our Shopify store (PressOnAnnapolis) and donate the profit to the Capital Gazette Families Fund.  In July 2018, Aaron teamed with Laura MacKay and Warrior Music Foundation's Mike Caimona to present a check for $35,000 to the families impacted by the Capital Gazette shooting.

Our goal is to continue working with Aaron and Laura to leverage the healing power of art to benefit people impact by traumatic events.  You can follow the Press On movement on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  

Visit the PressOnAnnapolis store to buy merchandise and help a worthy cause.

Press On Annapolis
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